• FAQs about Home Delivery

    Who should I call to talk more about your service?

    Call our Route Manager, at (205) 602-3842. He can answer all of your questions about our service. This is his cell phone so you can call him at almost anytime. He keeps his phone on most of the time…just so he can hear from you.

    What days do you pick up and deliver at my home?

    We service our home delivery customers on either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday, depending on location. Give the route manager a call at 602-3842 to verify which days we serve your area.

    Where do you suggest we leave our bags to be picked up?

    Our preference is at any protected location visible from the street or driveway. In that way, if you have no orders to pick up or we have none to deliver, we will not stop at your home.

    Do I have to be at home when you pick up or deliver my cleaning?

    No, our drivers will place your finished orders in the location you request and pick up from that location. Just have your cleaning ready by 8:00 am on the scheduled days for service and we'll do the rest.

    But what happens if it rains?

    We suggest you find a location that has some degree of weather protection as your designated pick up and drop off location. If you don't have such a location, then our drivers will use their judgment about the weather. If it is raining or other bad weather is likely and you do not have a protected area, we will pick up an order but not drop off finished orders until your following scheduled visit. If you need the order before the next scheduled visit, just give us a call and we will make a special delivery of your order.

    How do I pay for my cleaning?

    We ask all Route customers to provide a credit card for billing.  There are two different ways to pay for your cleaning. For safety reasons, we do not allow our drivers to collect from our customers. 

    1. We can automatically charge your debit/credit card at each delivery; or
    2. We can automatically charge your debit/credit card once a month based on our detailed monthly statement

    Do you pick up and deliver on holidays?

    Champion Cleaners observes the following holidays: New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas.

    Since we do not operate any routes on Wednesdays, we use Wednesday to "make up" for holidays. For example, when we have a Monday holiday, we move the Monday/Thursday service to Tuesday/Thursday and the Tuesday/Friday service to Wednesday/Friday. With a Tuesday holiday, we will serve the Monday/Thursday stops as usual. We serve the Tuesday/Friday stops on Wednesday/Friday.

    What if I am gone on vacation? Will you leave my clothes at the door for all that time?

    If you plan to be away from home for an extended period, please give us a call. We'll hold all deliveries until you return. By informing us of extended absences from home, we can be more efficient by not visiting your home.

    What if I find something in my order that is not cleaned correctly or pressed wrong?

    Our total focus is on you. If you're not happy with any aspect of our service, we're not happy. If you find something not up to your expectations, give us a chance to redo it. Put the garment in your bag for pick up with a note explaining the problem and we will clean and/or press it again at no additional cost. If you still aren't happy, we will refund your money. Anytime you are not happy with something, we would appreciate a phone call to make sure we are aware of the problem. Naturally, we want to correct any problem as soon as possible.

    If I want talk to someone about my home delivery service, who do I talk to?

    Our Route Manager and is responsible for your total satisfaction. You may direct any questions, concerns or special requests to Billy at 602-3842. Also, feel free to call our owner, David Whitehurst, on his cell phone at 902-1093 or at his office at 824-PRESS (824-7737).

    Do you serve businesses?

    Sure. And we’d love to serve the entire business…or at least everyone who does dry cleaning every month. This is an employee benefit that doesn’t cost the company anything. It saves employees time and money by not having to drive to the cleaners. It doesn’t get much better than that!

    Is there a minimum amount of cleaning I must do each month?

    We have no specific minimum, although we need our customers to use the program most every month. Because of the high cost of gas, we like our customers to average at least $30.00 a month. But we do not require a monthly minimum.