• Other Conveniences & Services

    Household Items – Comforters – Bedspreads and More

    Let Champion Cleaners take a load off your mind. Bring in your comforters, bed spreads, silk sheets, sleeping bags, rugs, linens, and yes, even many curtains. Have peace of mind while our expert staff dry cleans or launders your household items.

    Water Repellent Treatment

    We can apply a water repellent treatment to your trench coat, hat, light weight jacket and other garments to help shed the water and snow.  We can do this for sleeping bags and almost anything else that might benefit.

    Baseball Hats & Visors

    We can get the dirt and perspirationout of you favorite baseball hat or visor while helping to keep the fit.  By dry cleaning your hat, we can get it clean and protect against color fading and dye migration while also getting out all the “stuff” that accumulates on your favorite hat.

    Covered Drive Thru

    Bad weather? In a hurry? Kids in the car? Listening to a good song on the radio and don’t feel like hauling in your stuff through the front door? No problem! Now you can pick up and drop off your dry cleaning and laundry without leaving the comfort of your car. Just drive up and we’ll bring your order out to you and take your order for drop off at the same time. Never leave the comfort of your car.

    VIP Drop Off Bags & Service

    Once your account is set up, we’ll give you one of our yellow VIP express bags with a personalized. These name tags include your starch and other preferences and speeds up your time when dropping off your dry cleaning.

    Credit Card Accounts

    Monthly credit card accounts are available to dry cleaning customers who prefer paying once a month for their cleaning. Monthly balances are charged directly to your credit/debit card at the end of the month. We can also quickly charge your credit card at the time of each store pick up or upon delivery – without have to produce your card.