• #HampersforHealthcare

    Whether you are staying at home with your family, supporting the community in one of the “essential jobs,” or are on the front lines fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, this is indeed a strange time for us all.

    Champion Cleaners has been classified by Governor Ivey as an “essential service,” and we remain open to you.  This makes sense because we help people keep their clothes, bed linens and more – clean and disinfected. 

    As most everyone remains at home under the Stay at Home Order, we find ourselves with only a small fraction of the work we had just a few weeks ago.  We have reduced store and staff hours as we try to help our business survive the pandemic.  We have continued to serve our pickup and delivery customers with our twice-a-week service and will be glad to serve you with that service at no charge.

    But the truth is there’s not much work for us to do right now.  This makes us feel a bit unnecessary.  Hopefully, we have only a few more weeks and this scourge will be past us and we will emerge from the fog of Covid-19.

    Reading reports from around the country about the heroic efforts of our healthcare professionals and those supporting the doctors and nurses, Mark and I decided that our dry cleaning and laundry infrastructure could be helpful by doing the weekly laundry chores for so many people fighting to keep us alive and healthy.  To help the healthcare heroes, we will provide our Champion Hamper service at no charge for those on the front lines fighting this pandemic for all of us.  We are calling this our #HampersforHealthcare service.

    This is no gimmick.  We have the people, know-how and equipment, to provide this service.  And our entire Team would rather be working hard than sitting at home checking Facebook all day – even if we aren’t paid for our work.  Rest assured that we pay our employees for their work.

    Our Champion Hamper service is a wash, dry and fold service using one of our special “Champion Hampers.”  We wash, dry and fold your regular wash day laundry for a normal set price of $40.00 for everything you can put in our jumbo Hamper.  There are items we do not include as part of this offer, like dry clean only items, items that must air dry or washed alone, leather and suede as well as bedspreads and comforters.  But we will wash, dry and fold jeans, tee shirts, underwear, socks, pants, shirts, workout attire – your regular wash day laundry that can be washed in a washing machine and dried in a dryer.

    Beginning Monday, April 19 through Friday, May 15, we will offer our FREE “Hampers for Healthcare” service at no charge for those working the long hours and making personal sacrifices for everyone in our area fighting for our health.  I hope this provides a little easing of the burden on our healthcare heroes.

    We are asking that those working in healthcare not bring us scrubs and PPE they wear when working.  We must protect our employees and reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

    You can help us get the word out so we can give back to our community in a meaningful way.  If you know someone in healthcare fighting the battles of this pandemic, let them know about our offer to them.  Forward the email to them and follow up on Facebook at ChampionCleanersAL.

    Our initial goal is to provide these services for 100 people weekly starting April 13, 2020.  We plan to continue with this free service for our #HealthcareHeroes for five weeks. 

    Of course, we are still around to help with your regular garment care needs, included our free “no touch” pickup and delivery service to your door.

    Thank you for your continued support.

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    David Whitehurst