• Every item of clothing that we dry clean or launder is “hand-finished” (hand-pressed or individually steamed).  This results in a noticeably better quality finish on each item.

    Some dry cleaners today use a steam tunnel where garments are placed on a conveyor and run through a tunnel with steam coming into it.  The problem is that this process does not get all the wrinkles out of your clothes.  The only advantage in this process is that it requires less labor and therefore less costly to the dry cleaner.

    At Champion Cleaners, we hand finish all garments because it gives you better quality, including a sharp crease when creases are needed…and a smooth finish elsewhere.

     We Care For Your Clothes…by hand finishing every item!

    Quality Dry Cleaning Can Change Your Life

    Quality is the Difference Maker.  It’s Also The Key To Our Approach.