• Champion Cleaners is pleased to introduce a time-saving Wash Dry and Fold laundry service for the students, faculty and staff at Samford University.

    You now have access on campus to the exclusive Champion Cleaners “Samford Hamper” so you don’t have the hassle of doing your own laundry every week. Just load it into our special Samford Hamper and we will pick it you, wash, dry and fold it for you. A couple of days later we will return it to you ready to wear.  For items like shirts and blouses, we’ll even put them on hangers to reduce creasing.

    You can include anything that can we can put in our washers and dryers. This includes items like shorts, jeans, underwear, tee shirts, sheets, blouses, pants, socks – the things making up most of your regular wash-day laundry chores.

    To get started, there is a one-time fee of $7.50 for your Samford Hamper. Then you’ll get your laundry washed, dried and folded for only $25.00 for each load. One load a week or one load a month – it doesn’t matter. There’s no minimum and you’re only charged when you get your clean clothes back from us.

    Make sure the items you put in the Hamper can be put in a washer and a dryer. Things like dry-clean only garments, comforters, leather and suede typically can’t be washed. And items like wool sweaters and pants might not be right for dryers and require “hang-to-dry” rather than a typical heat dryer.

    But what if you include items in your Hamper that need to be dry cleaned? Have no fear – we can do that for you but there is an additional charge. And if you want dress shirts, blouses, pants, etc. to be individually pressed, well, there’s a separate charge for that as well. If you expect to have regular dry cleaning and hand-pressed items, we will provide a free laundry bag for those pieces requiring special attention.

    Champion Cleaners will be on campus twice a week where you can meet our bright yellow van where you pick up your clean clothes and drop off your soiled laundry. What you drop off one day will be ready for pickup the next regularly-scheduled service day. You can drop off items twice each week if you’d like.

    So how do you get started? For Apple devices, go to the App Store and download our free App. And for Android devises go the Google lay. Look for App labeled as Champion Cleaners – Birmingham. Simply download the App and set up your account.  Use your Samford address and building name so we know where you are on campus.  Set up your credit card information and you’re ready to go.