Electronics Restoration - A Solution for Smoke, Fire and Water Contamination


When your home or business is affected by most any type of contamination, CRDN has the people, technical skills and testing equipment to test and determine if your electronics can be restored. And if your items can be restored, we can do that, too.

We gladly work with insurance companies involved with Homeowners or Commercial insurance claims for electronics restoration services.

The types of electronics we test and restore include most anything that you plug into an electrical outlet. Typical items include –

  • Television sets
  • Computers
  • Audio equipment
  • Microwaves
  • Game Consoles
  • Appliances

When facing the results of a fire, smoke a soot will find the inside of anything in your home of business. And while you will naturally repair the damage in the home and have textiles restored, your electronics will absorb and hold that smell of smoke.

When computers are impacted by fire, smoke and water contamination, a normal concern is for the recovery of data. So important files, photographs and other data are important to us as well. We will work to provide a full data recovery service with contamination of computers.

Our Electronics Technicians will test and then open the items and meticulously clean the components, so they won’t constantly remind you of the disaster. We will then return the items, set them up and once again test their functions.

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