Part of our business includes restoring textiles and electronics after fire, smoke or water damage to your home. From such disasters, we routinely clean and restore more than just clothes – things like purses, suitcases, stuffed animals, hats and other contents in your home beyond your clothes and rugs. 

After restoring some smoke-damaged purses at our textile restoration facility in Calera, the word got out about this service and we had ladies bringing their purses to Calera for cleaning. So we decided to add purse cleaning as a service even when there has not been a disaster.


Purses are expensive and can get dirty from routine use. Most are made to withstand the weather, abrasions and handling common to all purses. But they will get dirty. And over time, they just don’t look as nice as they did when they were new. We can take an older, dirty purse and make it look clean and young again! For More Information give us a call 205-824-7737 

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