The Champion Hamper

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” ~ Miles Davis


Champion Cleaners is this what your laundry room looks likeIf you put it in your washer and dryer, we will do that for you.  We’ll neatly fold your clothes, towels and sheets and return them to you ready to put away.   No need to wash three loads a day or a dozen a week.

Champion Cleaners has always offered Wash Dry & Fold service on an “On Demand” basis.  We have always offered WDF services on demand by the pound.  And we have now added more to options benefiting our clients who regularly need the benefits of our time-saving WDF services.

This is a time-saving option for those with more important things to do than the laundry

Everyone is so busy these days trying to help the kids with schoolwork, working remotely, caring for their parents and so many other demands on our time.  We even have more laundry today because many don’t wear work attire that you would send to the cleaners.  Instead, we are wearing more casual clothes like t-shirts, yoga pants, jeans, and shorts.  Our clients are telling us that laundry was out of control.  Home laundry takes a lot of time with parents spending 7-10 hours or more a week doing laundry - sorting, washing, drying, and folding - each week.  We can give your time back to you with our Wash Dry & Fold services.

On Demand WDF

If you washer or dryer unexpectedly dies, or your kids come home from college with a month’s worth of dirty laundry, we’ll be glad to help out.  We will wash, dry and fold your laundry at $3.25 per lb.  Same day service is available weekdays as well as pickup and delivery, both at no additional charge.

Monthly Subscription Plans

We came up with a better solution for your wash day routine if you would like to use this service regularly.  Here are our 3 different subscription plans that will not only save you money but will also give you as much as 7-10 extra hours a week – maybe more!

Champion Cleaners offers 3 subscription plans for their Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery service: 30 lbs (1-2 people) for $59/mo., 50 lbs (2-5 people) for $99/mo., or 90 lbs (3-7 people) for $179/mo.

These plans come in at less than $2.00 per lb. There is no startup fee, there is no termination fee, and you can stop any time before the next billing date. As with all of our services, we will gladly provide our free pickup and delivery twice each week within our service area.

Subscription Plan Upgrades

We offer an upgrade to each plan for a small additional charge. We will place certain items on hangers to help reduce wrinkling:

  • Pants and shorts
  • Button up shirts and blouses
  • Sweaters
  • Dresses

Subscription Plan Overages

If you end up going over the limit on your monthly subscription plan, NO WORRY! The cost for requiring additional lbs. of WDF is only $2.65 per lb. - still less than the “On Demand” price of $3.25 per lb. because you use our service regularly.

And remember, this service is available with FREE pickup and delivery twice each week.

If you bring your WDF items to our store, same day service on weekdays is available with a 10:00 am cutoff at Rocky Ridge and Calera and 9:00 am at Greystone and Crestline.


Q: Can I put anything I want into the WDF bag?

A: You can put anything you want in your bag. When you get started with our WDF service, you can request one of three variations addressing the contents of your WDF load:

  1. Green - OK to wash, tumble dry, and fold all items in the bag, including dry clean only and lay flat or hang to dry. This means that we do not need to call you whenever we come across questionable laundry items. We will launder everything in the bag, no questions asked.
  2. Yellow - OK to pull out dry clean only and lay flat to dry items and put them on a separate ticket to be dry cleaned or laundered as prescribed by the care label. This means we do not need to contact you each time we find such items in your order. You have given us pre-approval to clean and dry according to the care label and you agree to accept the additional charges.
  3. Red – We will contact you for a decision for handling high-risk items. Because we wash and dry all of your laundry items together at the same time, we will hold out your entire order from processing until we are able to connect with you. This means your laundry may not be ready at the scheduled time based on our same-day service standards.

High-risk items include - lay flat or hang to dry, dry clean only, beaded, sequined, silk, floor mats with rubber, house shoes with rubber, and similar items.

Q: Are there any other fees associated with WDF Subscription Service?

A: There is no sign-up fee and we offer free pickup and delivery twice a week. The only other fee would be if you exceeded your subscription pounds or you request a “Plus Plan.” The fee if you go over the plan limit is $2.65 per lb.

Q: What if I need more bags?

A: There is no charge for as many WDF bags you need for any subscription plan.

Q: How will I be billed for my Wash Dry & Fold subscription services

A: We require all subscription plans to be set up with a credit card on file. On the day of the month that you start your subscription plan, we will bill your credit card. In future months, we will bill you on the same day each month. We expect to have a rush for services on Leap Day every 4 years!

Q: How do I change my plan?

A: Simply let us know that you would like to change your subscription plan prior to your next billing date. No refunds are available after the billing date, including full or partial refunds for non-use of your subscription plan.

Q: How can I cancel my WDF Subscription Service?

A: There is no startup fee, no termination fee, and you can stop anytime before the next billing date.

Q: Can I add special instructions such as "Hang Dry" or "Hand Wash" in my bag?

A: Since we wash and dry all your items together, we are unable to include in this special discounted service items which must be placed flat or hung to dry.  We cannot include items labeled as “Dry Clean Only,” leather, suede, comforters, bedspreads, duvet covers, and wedding gowns.  We cannot wash or dry different items at different temperatures.  We pick the temperature that is right for each load.

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