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Maintaining Your Wardrobe

Maintaining Your Wardrobe

Since you have nice clothes, you need to care for them the right way. Here are some ideas to help extend the life of your wardrobe. Clean Clothes Last Longer I realize you may think this is a self-serving statement for us, but it’s true. If you clean your clothes regularly after wearing, they will…

The Secret to Stain Removal

The Secret to Stain Removal

When you drip some red white on your white silk blouse, what do you do next? To begin with, always check the care label. But sometimes that’s not enough when you’re talking about a favorite piece of your wardrobe. Here’s the best advice I can give about removing stains from clothing yourself at home. The…

How Can You Clean Upholstered Furniture?

How Can You Clean Upholstered Furniture?

We know that our upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned when it gets stained, by say red wine or pet urine. But over time, furniture gets gradually dirty, so slowly that you might never notice. If you’ve decided it is time to clean your furniture, here are some ideas to consider. Always start with a…

How to Protect Smooth Leather

How to Protect Smooth Leather

You know how great those leather boots or that leather jacket looks when you first get them. But how do you keep them looking that way year after year? It’s a simple process that requires a little time and attention. Follow this guidance when cleaning and conditioning smooth leather like most boots, jackets, and furniture:…

High Efficiency Washing Machines offered by Champion Cleaners of Birmingham, AL

Doing Your Laundry With A High Efficiency Washing Machine

High efficiency washers seem to be all the craze now-a-days and Energy Star appliances have flooded the market. Have you switched out your old machine to one of these newer models? Whether you have or have not, allow us to give you the info you need to know. As a Dry Cleaners in Birmingham Alabama,…

How to care for and clean white denim - Tips by Champion Cleaners of Birmingham, AL area.

Care and Cleaning of White Denim

Sometimes we have clothes we absolutely love but are a pain in neck to care for.  White denim is a fabric that I often hear this sort of sentiment about. While owners of white denim love the clean crispness that new white denim has, many would agree that this is one of the hardest fabrics…

How the laundered shirt process works at the dry cleaners

Ever wondered how exactly your shirts go from dirty to clean to wet, dry and pressed? It might not be that exciting, but we’ve got it down to a science, and it’s actually very interesting to see how the process works and how good our employees are at what they do every day.  Take a…

Champion Cleaners of Birmingham, AL offers tips on caring for and cleaning dress shirts.

Caring for Dress Shirts

The Dress Shirt. The uniform of the corporate world and countless other professions. It’s a style choice, valued wardrobe item and personal statement all in one. But, dress shirts aren’t perfect and how you go about caring for dress shirts in your closet will contribute greatly to the look and longevity of this most versatile…

Champion Cleaners of the Birmingham, AL area discusses 5 steps to remove pet urine stains from oriental rugs

Oriental Rugs: 5-Steps to Remove Urine Stains

Urine stains from pets are the most common stains in oriental rugs…and really any rugs or carpet.

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