Removing Perspiration Stains

Removing Perspiration Stains

As everyone knows, stains from perspiration are usually found on the underarm area of your shirt. However, any area of the body that contacts a garment can result in a perspiration stain.

Perspiration contains fats, oils, and moisture containing impurities that may vary from person to person. Using deodorant may help reduce a perspiration stain. But it does not completely prevent perspiration and may even add to the impurities deposited on your clothes. Perspiration stains may be invisible at first but with age and the heat of drying and ironing after cleaning can cause the stain to discolor the garment. An untreated perspiration stain on silk may cause the fabric to become weak and unable to withstand normal use.

Removing Perspiration Stains from Clothing

In the case of a dry-cleanable garment, the stain can contain water-soluble impurities and which means if can often be removed by dry cleaning. We use special detergents and formulas to help remove perspiration stains. However, successful removal of perspiration stains is not 100% for every garment or every dry cleaner.

If you have a garment that you expect could have a perspiration stain, let us know because they may not be visible at the time of our initial inspection.

Your best bet to avoid perspiration stains is to wear tee shirts or perspiration shields under your better shirts and tops. However, proper cleaning should get 80% or more of these stains out of your clothing if treated when first contacting perspiration.