Cleaning Oven Racks

Cleaning Oven Racks

Great cooks know to clean their oven racks frequently. If you don’t, the food you spilled on the racks will build up over time. And when you are cooking that fresh meal, the smells form your old, caked-on food will blend with the new food and it just won’t taste as good as it could.

How to Clean Your Oven Racks

Here’s an easy way to clean your oven racks:

  1. Mix some baking soda and white vinegar into a paste that is thick enough to stay on the rack.
  2. Place your oven rack in a large plastic garbage bag and apply the mixture to the rack while inside the bag.
  3. Repeat the process for the second rack.
  4. Let it sit overnight. Keep the racks in the bag.
  5. The next morning, wash off the mix – or even easier, wash the racks in the dishwasher.

You’re done!