How to Clean A Baseball Hat

How to Clean A Baseball Hat

Baseball hats get a regular dose of sweat and dirt. Kids and a lot of Dads don’t really care about that, but they should. Worn and ragged hats are in favor today, but dirty hats aren’t.

How to Clean Your Baseball Hat

Here are steps for cleaning baseball hats.

  1. Thoroughly rinse the hat for a couple of minutes with clean water right in the sink. This will remove a lot of the surface dirt.
  2. Spot clean areas using an old toothbrush with a mixture of mild dish soap or laundry detergent and clean water. Scrub the obvious stains with small circular motions.
  3. Using dish soap or laundry detergent in the sink with fresh water, hand wash the entire hat. Swish it around in the soapy water for several minutes. The dirtier the hat, the longer the swishing. You may need to drain the dirty water and repeat the process if the hat is particularly dirty.
  4. If you have a particularly bad stain, try using some diluted Oxiclean scrubbed onto the stain. But test Oxiclean in an inconspicuous are to make sure there is no color loss.
  5. Allow the hat to dry but you need to provide support for the hat so it will keep its shape. Sporting goods stores carry hat forms that are made for this. If you don’t have one, fold up a towel or place it on a large can. A cantaloupe might be perfect as well.

I have also used the dishwasher with a hat form to clean a hat. But don’t wash dirty dishes at the same time.

These ideas are not intended for vintage hats. We can clean your hats, including vintage hats for you.