• With these current and challenging times, we are all facing, How Can We Help YOU?

    Our customers mean everything to us and want to let you know if for any reason you do not feel comfortable leaving your home just let us know. You can either give us a call or signup online and we will gladly pick up and deliver your clothes for FREE.

    You can also utilize our drive-thru window to drop off your items or pick them up. If you download the Champion Cleaners App you can let us know you are on your way and we will have everything waiting for you.

    We specialize in cleaning clothes, households and a variety of other items. As a professional in the dry-cleaning industry we have strict protocols that we follow when it comes to cleaning these items, whether it’s dry cleaning, laundered shirts or wash, dry & fold on a daily basis.

    All of us at Champion Cleaners understand that there is an overwhelming amount of information being pushed out in the media, therefore we felt the need to assure all of our customers that the standard protocols we follow on a daily basis when caring for your clothes and household items are the standard protocols recommended by WHO (The World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) for preventing the spread of Covid-19.

    We will continue to monitor both the CDC and the WHO for any updates on protocols and will make the necessary adjustments to protocols as needed.

    We would also like you to know that we will continue to operate under normal business hours and would like to thank you for trusting us to professionally clean your clothing, wash, dry & fold, as well as your household items.

    Stay Well….

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests washing clothing items using the warmest appropriate water setting and making sure to dry them completely. Also, clean and disinfect hampers and use a disposable bag liner if possible. You can read more here

    Here is also information on being prepared, this information is provided by the CDC and is updated regularly. Find out more