3 Tips for Caring For Suits

    A dress suit is probably the most expensive item in most people’s wardrobes. However, with proper care and maintenance, your suit can last for many years. Protect your investment by following these three tips for caring for suits.

    Tip 1: Brush it off between uses

    Whenever you wear your suit, the fabric collects small particles of dirt and food. You might not be able to see them, but they can cause serious damage if left alone. Grit and grime will compromise the fibers, acting like sandpaper, over time. Food and other foreign substances can damage the fabric as they decompose or attract insects. This can lead to the discoloration, weakening, or tearing of the suit’s fabric.

    Fortunately, the solution is quick and easy. All you need is a suit brush with stiff bristles and about 30 seconds. Simply brush down the suit using short, brisk strokes to brush away dust and dirt. You can also do this quickly with your hand if you happen to spill food on your suit or get it dirty.

    Be sure to remove spills gently. Blot the spill or use a spoon or table knife to remove the excess,  Don’t rub it aggressively or you might damage the fabric.

    It is important to note that a thorough brushing is not a substitute for having your suit dry cleaned. This is simply a measure to keep your suit in pristine condition between your regular cleanings. The dry cleaning process removes dirt, dust, oils, odors, and more that your brush leaves behind.

    Tip 2: Maintain and store it properly

    No matter how well you care for your suit, periodically you might encounter a small snag, like a loose button or ripped seam. While these may seem like minor, unnoticeable details, it is still important to care for these things before they become a major problem. The old saying about a “stitch in time” it still true today.

    Whenever you are not wearing your suit, hang it in a closet on a wooden hanger. Leave plenty of room between the suit and other clothing to ensure that it has room to breathe. This helps the suit maintain its shape and stay wrinkle-free. If your suit is wet from rain or snow, let it sit out overnight so it will dry thoroughly before putting it in your closet.

    Never store your suit in the plastic bags from your dry cleaner. These are to be used only during transporting. Fabric needs air circulating around and through the suit and plastic bags prevent air circulation when stored in your closet.

    Tip 3: Take it to the dry cleaners regularly

    So when should you should drop your suit off for a professional dry cleaning? It all depends on how often it is worn, the conditions to which it was exposed (like rain, dust, food spills, snow and salt, heat and perspiration), and how it was cared for between cleanings. There is no automatic answer to the frequency of cleaning.  Have it professionally dry cleaned when needed. Just be aware of the conditions resulting in the need to clean it.

    At your local dry cleaners, the specialized dry-cleaning process is used to thoroughly clean and finish (press or steam) the suit without damaging the fabric. These results simply cannot be replicated inside your home.

    If your suit gets dirty or has something spilled on it, take it to the dry cleaners immediately. The longer you wait to have your suit cleaned, the higher the risk of permanent stains.

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