• How to keep dress shirts looking new for longer

    Buying dress shirts for work or play can be a significant  part of your clothing budget so you want to keep yours looking crisp and fresh for as long as possible. Professional care from your dry cleaner or professional laundry can help extend the wearable life of your dress shirts to keep them looking brand new for many years.

    Why Professional Cleaning?

    You can certainly launder your dress shirts at home, but non-professional laundering can wear out the fabric, ruin the shape of the garment and won’t address certain problems with staining and discoloration. For instance, oil-based substances from food or contact with perspiration and body oils may cause discoloration that will worsen over time. With routine cleaning from your local dry cleaner, these stains should be detected and removed before build-up occurs.

    Laundering or Dry Cleaning

    Professional care for dress shirts may involve laundering or dry cleaning, as well as treating spots and stains for removal.

    Pre-spotting. Spots and stains are first treated with professional quality cleaning solutions after the garment is attached to a spotting board. Steam may be used to loosen the stain and a spotting solution appropriate for both the fabric and stain is applied. Trying to spot clean your shirts at home is risky as few consumers have the right equipment or fabric knowledge to successfully remove a stain.

    Laundering. Most dress shirts are made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend which allows for laundering. Professional laundering at your local dry cleaners will remove stains and spots that home laundering will miss. Specially concentrated detergents, additives and finishes not available for home use are used in professional laundering.

    Dry Cleaning. While men’s and many women’s dress shirts are made with cotton or cotton blends, women may have dress shirts made of silk or other delicate fabrics. Silk should usually be dry cleaned or professionally wet cleaned. Without proper equipment, solutions and techniques, water can cause problems with silk and acetate, including dye bleeding. Dry cleaning uses liquid solvent rather than water to clean stains and the solvent also dissolves greases and oils. Dry cleaning a garment prevents shrinking, fading and fabric changes that might make the wearer discard it before its time. Professional cleaning by your local dry cleaners can extend the wearable life of your dress shirts for many years.

    Champion Cleaners can also provide tips on how to take the very best care of your good quality dress shirts at home.