Care and Cleaning of White Denim

How to care for and clean white denim - Tips by Champion Cleaners of Birmingham, AL area.

Sometimes we have clothes we absolutely love but are a pain in neck to care for.  White denim is a fabric that I often hear this sort of sentiment about. While owners of white denim love the clean crispness that new white denim has, many would agree that this is one of the hardest fabrics…

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Why Dry Cleaning is Essential for Suits and Dress Clothes

Champion Cleaners of the Birmingham, AL area discusses why dry cleaning is essential for suits and dress clothes.

Why is dry cleaning essential for suits and dresses?

Suits and dress clothes are usually made differently than your other clothes.  Specialty fabrics or trims, delicate lace, beadwork, sequins or decorative stitching all need to be handled with care or the garment can be ruined.  Certain types of buttons, buckles and decorative accents may need to be removed before cleaning.  Often the instructions are more complicated than simply “Dry Clean Only,” so finding a dry cleaner that can do it correctly is a must.

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3 Tips for Prom Dress Preservation

Champion Cleaners of the Birmingham, AL area gives 3 tips for preserving your prom dress.

Prom is one of the most magical nights of a young woman’s life. A prom dress isn’t just what she wears that night – it’s a symbol of her entire high school experience.
Some advise on How to Preserve those memories.

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Choosing the Right Dry Cleaner: What to Look For

David and Sherry Whitehurst, Owners of Champion Cleaners of the Birmingham, AL Area

How to find the right dry cleaner?

No matter what your style, your clothes make a statement. They are an investment in who you are and what you present to the world. That statement should say, “I’m confident and proud to be me.” To help you look and feel your best, you should have a great dry cleaner in your ‘back pocket’ to keep your clothes looking spectacular.

I’m sure you’re asking, “How do I find the best dry cleaners near me?”

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