• 5 Steps to Properly Caring For Your Dress Shirts

    There’s no question that the best way to keep your dress shirts looking as clean and sharp as the day you bought them is to take them to your local dry cleaners to launder them. However, there may be times that you want to quickly wash them at home between cleanings. Here are the five steps that will help you when cleaning dress shirts yourself.

    1. Unbutton the shirt completely

    First and foremost, make sure you unbutton everything – that includes all buttons, collars, and placket. This will ensure that your shirt is not damaged as it is washed.

    2. Pre-treat any stains

    If you’re washing your shirts because they’re stained, make sure you give said stains a little extra attention with detergent or use a stain removal pen.

    3. Stick to the delicate cycle in most cases

    If your dress shirt is lightweight or fine, then use the delicate cycle. If it’s very dirty, or it’s made of heavy fabric, then you can use the regular cycle. Stick to hot water for cold shirts and cold water for dark shirts. Never mix colors in the same load.

    4. Promptly remove your shirts from the dryer

    Once they’re pre-treated you need to wash and spin dry them, and then remove them right away so any wrinkles don’t get worse. Hang them up or lay them out to air dry.

    5. Iron your shirts while they’re still damp

    One of the key parts of ensuring your shirts look as close to possible as though they’ve been to the dry clean pros is to iron them. Don’t wait for them to completely air dry – do it while they’re still damp. If you can’t let then air dry and you need to iron it right away, use your dryer on low heat. Just be sure not to over-dry the shirt – this will make wrinkles even harder to remove.

    These five tips are a great start for cleaning dress shirts, but remember that the only way to make sure your shirts look like they’ve been to a dry clean professional is to take them there!