• How can I keep my linen dress clothes looking fresh and neat?

    How to Keep Linen Dress Clothes Looking Fresh

    Living in the south means that light and breathable fabrics fill our closets. In the summer months, linen becomes a staple. However, wrinkles cause many people to forego the fabric. Below, we’re sharing a few at home tips and laundry service guidelines for keeping your linen dress clothes looking great all day long.

    Become Well Acquainted with Your Iron

    Wrinkles are a fact of life when you add linen to your wardrobe. While it’s normal for your clothing to develop a few creases throughout the day, you can take precautions to help your dress clothes look smooth and streamlined. You’ll need to iron your linen clothing before each wear to get the existing wrinkles out. Adding starch when ironing will help to prevent more wrinkles from forming during the day.

    When ironing linen shirts, start with the collar and sleeves and then work your way down. The same is true for linen pants. Start at the waistband and work down. The starch will help the fabric to keep its shape and maintain crisp lines.

    Make Room for Hanging Linen in Your Closet

    Because they are prone to wrinkling, linen items should never be stored in dresser drawers. Instead, make room to hang your linen clothing in the closet. Choose sturdy plastic hangers that will help the pieces maintain their shape. Linen items should be hung as soon after being laundered as possible to keep wrinkles at bay.

    Embrace Your Look

    While ironing and properly caring for your garments will help to keep them looking their best, there’s no way to avoid all wrinkling. It’s the nature of the fabric and an issue that you’re better off embracing. Remember that linen offers a more relaxed look, even for dress clothes. When your clothing fits perfectly and is well cared for you’ll always look your best, even with a few wrinkles at the end of the day.

    Find a Great Laundry Service 

    Some fabrics can easily be tossed into the washer and dryer on laundry day. Other fabrics, like linen, require a bit more care to maintain their appearance. To ensure that your clothing is perfectly cleaned and ready to be worn again and again, consider using a professional laundry service. Professionals have the skills and knowledge to handle each piece of clothing with care, ensuring that you’ll enjoy your wardrobe for years to come.