• Champion Cleaners talks about “How to find the best dry cleaners near me?”

    Choosing the Right Dry Cleaner: What to Look For

    No matter what your style, your clothes make a statement. They are an investment in who you are and what you present to the world. That statement should say, “I’m confident and proud to be me.” To help you look and feel your best, you should have a great dry cleaner in your ‘back pocket’ to keep your clothes looking spectacular.

    I’m sure you’re asking, “How do I find the best dry cleaners near me?”

    There are several factors to look for in a dry cleaner. While you may think finding the lowest price should be the most important thing to influence your decision, you may be surprised. Here are some things to consider and ask when looking for the right people to care for your wardrobe investment.

    What services does the cleaner offer? Yes, they all clean your clothes, but a great cleaner will offer more. Additional services to look for are: replacing missing or cracked buttons, repairing loose hems or seams, serious garment inspection, additional cleaning to ‘high traffic’ areas such as cuffs and collars, dry cleaning pick-up and delivery options and hours which work with your schedule.

    How do they treat spots? There is more to removing spots than just a general cleaning. Ask the cleaner if they spot-treat and whether they consider what the stain is when removing it. Your dry cleaner needs to know that different stains require different cleaning methods. There is not one cleaning method that removes all stains. Spot treating and pre-treating stains ensure that your outfits will look as perfect as possible.

    Do your clothes look bright and clean or dingy? Dry cleaning soaps and formulas need to be filtered and cleaned with every load. They get dirty. Some cleaners save money by using cleaning solutions much longer than they should without filtering and distilling the solutions.  Filters in the dry cleaning equipment should also be maintained and replaced regularly. Dirty filters and cleaning solution means your clothes may look dingy, especially the whites and brighter colors.

    Do you get double creases or weird creases? Pressers, the people who work in the heat and steam of a dry cleaning plant, handle the finishing of your clothes. When they are not attentive to their work and where the inspectors don’t do their job, double creases in your pants are not uncommon.

    Similar poor finishing of your garments can occur when pads on pressing equipment are not replaced regularly. Worn out and broken pads on the presses should be replaced to avoid breakage to buttons or beads and unwanted creases that may appear. These steps are basic to every quality dry cleaner that focuses on doing the best work possible.

    As the hunt for the best dry cleaners near you begins, keep the above items in mind. Be sure to do your research. Look at reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List. Make sure the cleaner is credited. You and your wardrobe will find that a little bit of time, work and research will make a big difference in how you look and feel. Always put your best ‘dressed and cleaned’ foot forward.