• What now, How to handle stains on Dry Clean Only Clothes

    3 Tips for Handling Stains on Dry Clean Only Clothing

    You love your dry clean only clothes – but you don’t love the fact that there seems to be nothing to do if they get stained. The reality is that while these articles of clothing must be handled with more care than other pieces in your wardrobe, there are steps you can take to treat a stain. Check out these three tips to make your life easier.

    1. Take it directly to a dry cleaner

    The reality is that your clothes are dry clean only for a reason: they should be dry cleaned! The good news is that the sooner you can get them in for a thorough cleaning, the better your chances are that the piece won’t be ruined. Remember that time is the enemy here. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that the stain will set – and set for good. However, a good dry cleaner may be able to remove many stains.

    2. Treat gloppy stains

    There are several considerations when treating stains, including the kind of stain you have and the type of fabric it’s on. If you have a gloppy stain, such as a dollop of ketchup, your first step is to remove the source of the stain by scraping it off with a spoon. Next, use a slightly damp, clean cloth and blot at the area. Make sure you switch to a clean portion of that cloth regularly or you run the risk of reapplying the stain. Continue blotting with the cloth until your dry clean only garment is clear – but be sure to take it to the cleaners ASAP. Even if you can’t see the stain, it could still be there under the surface – ready to spread.

    3. Remove liquid stains

    If you have a liquid stain on your dry clean only clothing, such as coffee or wine, remove as much of the offending liquid as possible by blotting it with a clean, soft cloth. While you’re blotting you’ll see the stain transfer to the cloth. Continue blotting until the stain is gone or you’ve removed as much liquid as possible. If it needs to be rinsed, get a cloth that’s moistened only with plain water. Then lie the dry clean only piece flat and let it dry.

    These three simple tips will help prevent stains from becoming permanent.