• 3 Tips for Prom Dress Preservation from Champion Cleaners

    3 Tips for Prom Dress Preservation

    Prom is one of the most magical nights of a young woman’s life. A prom dress isn’t just what she wears that night – it’s a symbol of her entire high school experience. Whether you’re interested in prom dress preservation so you can keep the dress fresh for years to come, or you simply want a younger sibling to be able to use it at her prom, these three great tips will ensure it’s in excellent shape.

    1. Start with dry cleaning

    After the dress is worn, the first step in prom dress preservation is to have it professionally dry cleaned. Remember that not all stains are visible, and even those you can’t see with the naked eye could ultimately ruin the dress. The longer it is between the time the stain occurred and the time you have it dry cleaned, the more the stain can soak in and ruin your prom dress.

    2. Storage is important

    Taking prom dress preservation seriously means not storing just anywhere. Store it in a cool, dry place. Storing it in a hot or humid place can discolor your dress or cause it to mold. Storing it in direct sunlight can also discolor your dress. Once you find the right spot, check on it every once in a while to make sure it’s in good shape and doesn’t need your attention.

    If you store the dress in a closet, be careful with how it hangs.  Use the loops inside the dress to take some weight off the straps. You should use padded hangers if the dress has straps.  And be careful how you pin a strapless dress to the hanger. Otherwise, the seams may stretch over time. If you plan to store the dress in a closet, get a muslin garment bag to protest it from light, kids and pets.

    If you plan to keep the prom dress for years to come, the best way is to store it in a completely acid-free preservation chest.  These are museum-quality boxes that certified wedding gown specialists can provide.  They allow the dress to breathe, protect the dress while storing and require less space in your closet.  But be sure to not stack pillows, blankets or other items on top or shoved up against the preservation chest because they will not allow air to reach the dress inside the chest.

    3. Fold it and stuff it carefully

    Stuff the bodice and any curved areas of the dress with acid-free tissue paper to keep these areas from getting creased over time. Then fold the dress carefully and wrap it up with the same tissue paper described above. Be sure to use acid-free white tissue paper to avoid any color transferring to the dress.

    These three tips are the best prom dress preservation tips we’ve addressed in our wedding gown preservation business and are the same as we give Brides after their wedding. When you follow them closely you can count on your dress staying fresh and ready to wear for years to come!