• How Often Should Dress Clothes be Dry Cleaned?

    Have you ever wondered how often you should really visit the dry cleaners? If you’ve ever heard the old wives tale that it should be every three months, then you’re in for a surprise. The truth is that there is no specific amount of time after which you should dry clean your clothes. Instead, it depends on a number of factors – all of which we’ve outlined below.

    Think about how your clothes are worn

    The most important factor to consider is how you wear your clothes – not on how much time has passed since you’ve visited the dry cleaners. If you’ve worn a dress shirt more than once, then it’s time to have it cleaned. If you’ve worn a cocktail dress a single time, but it was in a smoky environment, then it’s likely time to visit the dry cleaners. If you wore that special silk blouse to an outdoor event when the temperature is above 80 degree F, the perspiration will need to me removed at the dry cleaner.

    A simple rule of thumb is this: if it didn’t require dry cleaning, would it be time to throw it in the wash? If so, then it’s time to dry clean it.

    Consider what your garment has been exposed to

    Another important factor is what the garment has come into contact with. So it might be time to take you dress clothes to the dry cleaner if they are exposed to…

    • smoke and other strong odors,
    • excessive rain, sleet, dust or salt

    Don’t let spots turn into stains

    Spills and other substances like food, grease, paint, and makeup may start out as a minor issue but they can quickly turn into stains if they’re not removed. After you wear any garment, take a close look at it. Even the slightest blemish should be addressed immediately to ensure it doesn’t go from a small problem to a permanent stain.

    The bottom line is that a visit to the dry cleaners may cost you a little in the short-term, but it can save you a lot in the long run when it means your clothing will stay in better shape for longer. However, don’t be fooled by stories that clothing needs to be dry cleaned after a certain period of time. You’re looking at how the clothing has been affected – not a time frame.