• Why is dry cleaning essential for suits and dress clothes?

    Why Dry Cleaning is Essential for Suits and Dress Clothes

    Keeping your suits and dress clothes looking their best helps you look your best!  And the services of experienced professional dry cleaners really are the way to go.  Here’s why you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to your best clothes.

    Special clothes require special handling

    Suits and dress clothes are usually made differently than your other clothes.  Specialty fabrics or trims, delicate lace, beadwork, sequins or decorative stitching all need to be handled with care or the garment can be ruined.  Certain types of buttons, buckles and decorative accents may need to be removed before cleaning.  Often the instructions are more complicated than simply “Dry Clean Only,” so finding a dry cleaner that can do it correctly is a must.

    There are many things that cause our clothing to become dirty.  Dust, dirt, air pollution and other minuscule particles can act like sandpaper against the fibers of your clothing, causing premature wear.  Delicate fabrics like silk and rayon are often easily damaged.  Taking your garments to the dry cleaners as soon as possible can help extend their life. This is not just a self-serving statement made by a dry cleaner to get more business. It is a fact of garment care that keeping your clothes clean will protect your investment.

    Stains and odors

    Dress clothes are often exposed to things like make-up, cologne, or food and drink.  All can create stains.  Additionally, strong odors like cigarette smoke or perspiration can leave your best clothes smelling unpleasant.  Dirt, spots, and odors that aren’t dealt with properly and quickly can become permanent.  And attempting DIY stain removal on a garment that isn’t machine washable can be a disaster!  Take it to the dry cleaners immediately.

    Pressing services

    No one wants to show up to work or a big event with a suit that looks like it was slept in!  After your garment has been professionally cleaned it will be pressed to make sure it looks great.  If you’ve ever thought of attempting this yourself, you may know suits can be difficult to press and easy to ruin with a regular iron.  And if you happen to need an extended waist size or extra-long jacket, it can be a downright cumbersome job.  Professional dry cleaners have the equipment and expertise necessary to make the finish of your garment look spectacular.  It will be neat and crisp and you won’t risk scorching your best suit. But don’t have clothes pressed that have spills or stains as the heat will likely make the stain more difficult to remove, even by skilled, professional dry cleaners.

    Most people put a lot of care into choosing their wardrobe.  High quality dress clothes can be expensive and it’s a good idea to protect your investment.