• Sometimes we just make a mess! Make-up stains, how to get them out.

    How many of you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s a night out on the town or a romantic dinner at home prepared by your sweetie, chances are you’ll want to look your best. This may or may not require a little embellishment – an extra special dress and a little more make-up than usual? Ladies?

    Well, those two ingredients don’t necessarily go very well together. A make-up stain is always a pain, but never more so than on the “night of love.”

    If you get a smudge of concealer on your skirt or a dab of mascara on the collar, take these steps as quickly as possible to remedy the situation. We can’t promise you’ll be able to wear that perfect outfit tonight, but hopefully, you’ll at least be able to save it from the land of “never to be worn again.”

    1. Dampen the stain with plain water.
    2. Rub with regular bar soap using your thumbs.
    3. Rinse well with more water.
    4. If stain remains, treat with a laundry presoak and launder according to care label.

    If these measures don’t do the trick, bring that dress, blouse or jacket to us at Champion Cleaners and we’ll do our best to work some dry cleaning magic!

    And remember! If the label says “Dry Clean Only” or “Spot Clean Only” you should definitely bring it in as soon as you can. Fabrics such as silk, rayon, and wool require special care and knowledge to treat stains properly.