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      If You’re Looking For A Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service, Ask The Right Questions Before You Begin. I’m in the dry cleaning delivery business in Birmingham, Alabama.  In fact, Champion Cleaners is the leading dry cleaning pickup and delivery service in the Birmingham area, so let me share with you five questions that you should ask about this business.
    1. Do you clean the clothes yourself or do you outsource it to someone else?  I believe the most critical function of a delivery dry cleaner is the “dry cleaning.”  Picking up and delivering your dry cleaning is important but if your clothes aren’t cleaned and pressed correctly, then the delivery function doesn’t really mean a lot.  Ask your dry cleaning delivery service who cleans the clothes.  If he outsources the work, then you need to know the dry cleaner and learn about the reputation of that dry cleaner.  Ask your delivery service who will stand behind the work if there is ever a problem…the dry cleaner or the delivery service?
    2. What’s the knowledge of the dry cleaner?  Does the dry cleaner have the training and credentialing that proves the dry cleaner’s professionalism.  One of the problems within the dry cleaning industry is the lack of licensing or required certification.  Ask your dry cleaning delivery service about this…and focus on the people who do the work, not just the company.  Businesses are sold quite often so the fact that a cleaner has been in business for 50 years means very little when the people who do the work are new to the dry cleaning business.
    3. Does the service meet YOUR needs…or the delivery services?  Different dry cleaning delivery services have different pickup and delivery schedules.  Some are twice a week with both pickup and delivery.  Some are once a week pick up and once later in the week delivery (but not both pickup and delivery twice each week). Some dry cleaning delivery services pick up once this week and deliver the same day the following week.  While others wait for your call and will pick up only then and return the clothes later that week or next.  There are many different ways of providing this service. 
    4. Does your dry cleaning delivery service offer “Off Schedule” service?  In other words, if you normally get service on Monday and Thursday, would your service pick up on Tuesday if you forgot to put your order out on Monday and you asked them?  What about the times you have been out of town and have a large load of dry cleaning and need it back before the next scheduled delivery?  Would they charge you for this special service…or would they even consider doing this for you?
    5. Is your “FREE” dry cleaning delivery service really free?  Some dry cleaners operate a storefront with one name at one price level while providing “FREE” pickup and delivery of the same dry cleaning at a higher price under another name.  I don’t view that as FREE dry cleaning pickup and delivery.

    Let me briefly tell you how Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama stacks up against these questions:

    1. We do our own dry cleaning at each of our locations in Vestavia Hills on Rocky Ridge Road, in Greystone at Highway 280 and Highway 119, and in Calera on Highway 31.  We operate our dry cleaning delivery service out of each location so we are close to you.
    2. Each of our three dry cleaning centers is managed by credentialed professionals.  Each has the top-level designation of Certified Garment Care Professional.  There are about 100 CGCPs in the United States and three of them manage our dry cleaning operations.
    3. My dry cleaning delivery service in Birmingham, Alabama is based on twice a week pickup and delivery.  Of course, we can easily change your service to once a week or even one-way service.
    4. We provide “off-schedule” service regularly.  We even offer next day delivery.  All you have to do is let us know you need the service.  And there is no extra charge for this.  I don’t want you to go anywhere else for your dry cleaning needs so we’ll do what you need us to do.
    5. Our free service is free.  We don’t operate under any name other than Champion Cleaners.  There is no charge for our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service.

    We’re not perfect…but that’s our goal!