Care and Cleaning of White Denim

How to care for and clean white denim - Tips by Champion Cleaners of Birmingham, AL area.

Sometimes we have clothes we absolutely love but are a pain in neck to care for.  White denim is a fabric that I often hear this sort of sentiment about.

While owners of white denim love the clean crispness that new white denim has, many would agree that this is one of the hardest fabrics to maintain.  It shows every stain, acts as a magnet to lint and fuzz, and yellows over time.

Champion Cleaners in Birmingham Alabama is  providing you some information to help clean and care for your white denim garments.  Following this advice will ensure you’re jackets, and pants will stay looking newer, longer.

An Ounce of Prevention

Prior to wearing any new white denim item, it’s best to protect it from the future inevitable stains.  Using a product like Scotch Guard can really help protect your white denim from any future stains. 

Washing White Denim

Always check the care label!  Before bleaching, ensure that your white denim is 100% cotton.  If it is not, do not bleach as it can actually cause your whites to yellow.  Do not use bleach if the item using stitching in any other color but white.

Wash often; a good rule of thumb is to wash your white denim twice as often as your blue denim, preferably after each wearing.  Only wash these items with true whites, never anything with the slightest bit of color.  Even “lights” will fade and the colors redistribute onto your whites, causing discoloration over time. 

Detergent is alkaline which is something that also causes yellowing in whites.  Because of this you’ll want to be sure that the detergent is completely out of your denim.  The best and easiest way to do this is to run through two complete rinse cycles after washing.  Fabric softener also causes yellowing so avoid it as well. 

Air dry your denim and be sure not to leave it out in the sun too long if you dry them outside.  Long exposure to sunlight is yet another yellowing culprit.    If you do notice your white denim is looking a little dingy, you can add a commercial laundry brightener that doesn’t contain bleach to the first rinse cycle.  You also can add a half cup of distilled white vinegar.  Running a cycle with a whole cup of vinegar before loading clothes can help clean your washing machine so nothing redistributes onto the whites from your machine.

The best way to do this is to take it to your Dry Cleaners.