Doing Your Laundry With A High Efficiency Washing Machine

High Efficiency Washing Machines offered by Champion Cleaners of Birmingham, AL

High efficiency washers seem to be all the craze now-a-days and Energy Star appliances have flooded the market. Have you switched out your old machine to one of these newer models?

High Efficiency Washing machines

Whether you have or have not, allow us to give you the info you need to know. As a Dry Cleaners in Birmingham Alabama, Champion Cleaners knows a thing or two about washing machines and we are here to share that knowledge with you.

High efficiency machines are newer washing machines that tend to have more customized settings as a neat bonus. They work differently that traditional washers and require specialized detergents. The theory is that the machines, paired with appropriate detergents provide an equal cleaning of your laundry to that of older machines while saving water and electricity.

The Facts About High Efficiency Washers
High Efficiency (HE) use only about 20% to 66% of the water older washers use.
Energy use is generally 20% to 50% of older machines.

Less water used means less water to heat and in the long term that means saving you some green!

How High Efficiency Washers Work

Traditional “agitator” washing machines consist of a large drum and agitator. They work by completely submerging your laundry and using the actual agitator to move clothes around and scrub them clean. In high efficiency machines, namely front loaders, the drum is on its side and only needs to have a small amount of water it. You then load the clothes and the drum itself spins, causing the agitation of the garments. Top loading, HE washers use either a smaller agitator, wobbling wheels, or disks.

Use The Right Detergent with Your Washers

High efficiency washing machines use less water and therefore need a detergent specially formulated for high efficiency models. The traditional detergent causes too much sudsing for an HE machine and hinders the cleaning of your clothes. Using non HE detergent in an HE machine can cause your clothes to not be as clean, leaves lots of soap in your clothes, gunks up of the washer from accumulated deposits and require more water to properly rinse the clothes. All of this leads to less efficiency in a high efficient washer.

Some detergents label their product as “HE compatible.” This is not always the case. Be sure to buy only the detergent made specifically for high efficiency washers. Also, stick to only powder or liquid detergent. Mixing of these in the same compartment may cause caking and will result in inefficient disbursement of the detergent.

Maintenance of Your Washer

It is recommended that you run a maintenance cycle anywhere from once a week to once a month. This is a full wash cycle with no clothes designed to remove any dirt or residues from the machine. Taking the time to do this will help keep your washer in peak condition.

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