3 Uses for Dryer Lint

3 Uses for Dryer Lint

Hopefully, everyone removes the lint from our dryers before starting a new drying cycle. It’s important to do this easy step that reduces the likelihood of a dryer fire in your home. We see these fires frequently though our textile and electronics restoration business, CRDN of Birmingham. So don’t forget to clean your lint filter between every drying cycle.

Three Uses for Dryer Lint

Believe it or not, there are some practical uses for dryer lint. Here are three:

  1. Since dryer lint is simply clean cotton and other fibers, it is a perfect filler for giving stuffed animals a little more bulk when needed.
  2. Dryer lint is a good source of bedding for pets – like your gerbils, hamsters, and mice.
  3. If you like a wood fire in the fall and winter, save your lint, put it in an empty toilet paper roll, and wrap it with newspaper, tucking in the ends. It’s an easy fire starter with a clean burn.

Since we’re on dryer lint, be sure to clean out your dryer exhaust hose twice a year. The hose can build up more lint that you expect. So if you need extra filler or bedding, the hose is another source.