• We all hate when this happens! How to remove sauce stains?

    Home Remedies To Remove Sauce Stains

    It’s about to be grilling time again, which means that the prime time for barbecues is about to kick off!  This may be good news for our taste buds, but it can be bad news for our laundry.  I can’t seem to eat without dripping the sauce on my shirt and pants!

    I’ve discussed mustard in the past, but in this article, I’ll focus on tomato-based sauces, which are well known for their staining abilities.

    Here’s a very special technique that can help you remove tomato-based sauce stains from your clothing…unless, of course the care label says, “Dry Clean Only.”  This technique will work on:

    • Barbecue Sauce Stains
    • Steak Sauce Stains
    • Ketchup Stains
    • Tomato Sauce/Paste Stains

    Step 1

    Get a blunt spoon or knife and carefully use it to scrape off as much of the sauce as possible.  Scrape using small strokes to prevent spreading the stain.

    Step 2

    Next, use a liquid enzyme detergent to cover the stain.  Rub it in and let it stand for a few minutes, rubbing the stain a few more times. While rubbing you should notice that some of the color is coming out of the garment.  That’s great!  Now it’s ready to rinse, so hold the stain under warm water.

    Step 3

    If the stain remains, you may need to use a mild bleach on it.  Popular mild bleaches include diluted lemon juice, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide.  Soak the stained area in one of these substances, then rinse and repeat until the sauce is invisible.  A spot stain remover can also help here. Be sure to check the care label and apply only what the label allows.

    Step 4

    Finally, to ensure that the stain removal is successful, put the garment through a standard laundry cycle using an enzyme detergent.  Let the garment dry in the sun for a short while, rather than the dryer.

    But again, as with any stain, avoid washing the garment in water if the care label says, “Dry Clean Only.”  Silks and certain other fabrics do not often clean properly and can be damaged by using soap and water on them.  And too much sun can cause a colorful garment to fade, so limit exposure to the sun.

    If your stain remains, we know you had a great time at that barbecue!  Check out our dry cleaning services to see if we can get rid of your remaining stains.