• How often should you clean your leather jacket?

    Rain or Shine, Leather Jackets are Fine!

    A leather jacket is a very versatile piece of outerwear. Depending on the rest of your outfit, you can look tough and edgy or classic and simple. Leather is a material that can look ravishing on both men and women of any age. If you own a genuine leather jacket, then you also know it can easily be one of the most expensive articles of clothing you own.

    The great thing about leather jackets are that, as long as they are high quality and maintained well, they can last for years…for decades.  However, one concern that many leather jacket owners have is not knowing how often or how to clean their leather jacket. When it comes to proper leather cleaning, it’s best to trust this care to a Professional Leather Cleaners in Birmingham Alabama.

    There is no magic number of times you should clean your leather jacket, but it is important to take it to the Best Professional Leather Cleaners in Birmingham Alabama whenever it becomes soiled to prevent permanent damage. While there are many leather cleaning solutions available, it’s not always a good idea to attempt to clean your prized jacket yourself. In fact, there are numerous different types of leathers and leather treatments, and trying to clean your jacket without the help of Professional Leather Cleaners in Birmingham Alabama could result in expensive damage.

    Here are some tips for caring for your leather jackets (or any leather garment) at home:

    • When your leather gets wet, be sure to let it dry out thoroughly before hanging in you your closet
    • Never try to dry your leather near a source of heat, especially near an open flame like a fireplace or the floor furnace
    • If your leather gets dirty from dust, mud, food or wine, wipe it off with a damp cloth ASAP and allow it to dry
    • If you spill a more harsh substance on your leather, like gasoline, oil or other chemicals, wipe it off and take it to a professional leather cleaner ASAP. Be sure to tell the leather cleaner exactly what happened to it.
    • Get your leather cleaned and conditioned every year…more often if worn frequently and exposed to harsh conditions. My suggestion is to always clean your leather at the end of the season before putting it away until the fall. It will be in great shape when the coll weather rolls in again.

    In order to ensure your leather jacket stays pristine for many years, take it to the Professionals. Here at Champion Cleaners in Birmingham, Alabama, we know how to keep your leather jacket in top shape. Contact Us now to get a quote!

    Cleaning Leather Is An Annual Affair…Don’t Leave It To Next Year

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