Dealing with the Dirty Dozen of Stain Removal: Make-up

How do I get a makeup stain out of my clothes?

If you get a smudge of concealer on your skirt or a dab of mascara on the collar, take these steps as quickly as possible to remedy the situation. We can’t promise you’ll be able to wear that perfect outfit tonight, but hopefully, you’ll at least be able to save it from the land of “never to be worn again.”

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Why Dry Cleaning is Essential for Suits and Dress Clothes

Why is dry cleaning essential for suits and dresses?

Suits and dress clothes are usually made differently than your other clothes.  Specialty fabrics or trims, delicate lace, beadwork, sequins or decorative stitching all need to be handled with care or the garment can be ruined.  Certain types of buttons, buckles and decorative accents may need to be removed before cleaning.  Often the instructions are more complicated than simply “Dry Clean Only,” so finding a dry cleaner that can do it correctly is a must.

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Clothing Defects In Dress Shirts…and More

The puckering of this collar indicates a poor quality and defective garment. Some defects can be repaired by our What are some common clothing defects in dress shirts and other items?
Professional Seamstress at Champion Cleaners in Birmingham Alabama, but some are so embedded in the garment, they are impossible to fix.

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3 Tips for Prom Dress Preservation

Prom is one of the most magical nights of a young woman’s life. A prom dress isn’t just what she wears that night – it’s a symbol of her entire high school experience.
Some advise on How to Preserve those memories.

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How to Keep Linen Dress Clothes Looking Fresh

How to Keep Linen Dress Clothes Looking Fresh?

Living in the south means that light and breathable fabrics fill our closets. In the summer months, linen becomes a staple. However, wrinkles cause many people to forego the fabric. Below, we’re sharing a few at home tips and laundry service guidelines for keeping your linen dress clothes looking great all day long.

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